3. As you know, the Advanced Placement (AP) Psychology exam involves 100 multiple-choice questions and two free response essay questions. The goal of the exam is to accurately measure knowledge of psychological concepts and to communicate to colleges which students would most likely succeed in a college-level psychology course. Each year, few students receive composite scores of 1 and 5, and more students receive scores of 2, 3, or 4. Use the following terms to describe how the College Board most likely developed and evaluates the AP Psychology exam.
• Standardization
•Normal curve
•Reliability (test-retest reliability or split-half reliability)
•Content validity
•Predictive validity
Recognition would apply to this because being able to remember the information that was given to you before the exam. Being able to recall what was previously learned. Being able to regonize information like on an exam that applys to that test from what you have perviously learned.
Recall would apply during the SAT when being able to remember the information that you will need when taking this test.